Does Laser Spine Surgery Work?

When back pain is severe, surgery on the spine is often done to make the spine more stable or to provide relief to a nerve that is compressed by decreasing the pressure. When a disc is ruptured or herniated, the damaged part of the disc is sometimes removed. Bone spurs, that also cause back pain, are cut away. Two or more vertebra of the spine may be fused when there is instability.

In the past, back surgeries such as these were major operations, Now that laser spine surgery is available, they can be done in a minimally invasive manner. When lasers are used, there is less blood lost during the surgery, which means that healing occurs more rapidly. In addition, less of the soft tissue surrounding the spine is damaged. Learn more about laser spine surgery atlanta.

While lasers do reduce the amount of damage, a small incision will have to be made, so the procedure is not completely pain-free. In addition, lasers can cause damage if an accident occurs. However, even with these caveats, laser spine surgery does have many advantage when compared to more traditional surgical methods.

Contrary to popular belief, this surgery uses more than just the laser. It is true that lasers are used to remove soft tissue, such as the disc, that has been damaged. However, a scalpel is still required to make the initial incision, and other tools are used to move the ligaments and tendons out of position for access to the soft tissue itself.

While other tools can be used, the primary benefit of laser spine surgery is a reduced period of healing and the ability of the surgeon to use a more precise tool for the removal of soft tissue. If your surgeon recommends laser spine surgery, be aware that more surgical tools that just the laser will be used during the operation.

Alleviate Neck Pain

There are many reasons why people suffer from neck pain. One of the main reasons involves overworking the muscles in the neck area. One of the ways that you can overwork neck muscles is by constantly sitting in front of a computer. People who have jobs that involve a lot of computer use our prime candidates for neck pain.

Therefore, if you do a lot of computer work or if you use the computer a lot for entertainment you need to do a few of the following things. The first thing that you should do is take the occasional break away from your computer screen. It is recommended that every 30 minutes you get up from your computer and go for a leisurely stroll around the house. During this stroll you can gently massage the muscles in your neck area.

For people who sit in front of a computer screen at work for eight hours or more each day it may be difficult to get up and go for a casual stroll around the office. You should therefore stand up and stretch your neck muscles while staying in your desk area. If you can do this every 30 minutes it would be advisable.

Some companies realize the importance of providing ways for their employees to avoid getting neck pain. For example, many companies provide a dual workstation that can be either sat at or stood at. These dual workstations allow the employee to shift from a sitting position to a standing position. This constant shifting provides relief for the muscles surrounding the neck area.

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen and do not have a dual workstation then you should take steps to obtain one. Simply explain to your employer the benefits that he will receive by providing his employees with this innovative device.

Exercises for Back Pain to Stop

For those people whose backs are hurting, maybe, one of their questions has something to do with the right exercises that can be done. Learning more about this will definitely be a good idea to ponder upon and consider. Surprisingly speaking, when a person rests too much during back pains, the condition will most likely get worse. This is for sure. Dealing with back pain does not have to be a struggle. It will only take a matter of having great knowledge in it; afterwards, the rest will definitely do well. So, for those who are going through the situation, what can they do in order to ease the pain?

How can this back pain stop anyway? As mentioned, there is a need for exercise to take place and happen. This has to be performed. Please remember that pain exercise will be responsible in distributing nutrients up and then down the spinal column. These will feed the ligaments, muscles, joints and nerves. What is good though is the fact that specific exercises are always made for this and that. This is one of the assurances that one may actually work. The back pain exercise is a way in order to straight the back. This will make it strong. Usually, stiffness and weakness are being increased by resting all the time. With the right exercise, overcoming them is going to occur. Do not get this wrong. The decision to take a rest should not only be chosen because there is already a situation going on. Health care provider has to be talked to when it comes to this matter. It is not that one can just submit himself to an exercise and then that is it. This can be dangerous too.